Ensure quality education for every Taung Child

Research has shown that there is a strong relationship between education and poverty – the lower the level of education attained, the more likely adults are to be poor and experience more intense levels of poverty. This is a huge and wide reaching problem in Taung where, according to the latest Statistics SA census results, over half of the population has only some primary education.

Without adequate income, families are often unable to take their children to good schools or afford to buy them necessities such as school uniforms, books or food which allow for an enabling learning experience.

Additionally, many schools in the area are poorly resourced, operating without libraries, computer and science labs and many educators are demotivated and sometimes not adequately trained to teach. As a result, many learners end up not completing their schooling and local schools produce poor final year (Grade 12) results.

In order to address the issue of low-quality education, we plan to offer free tutoring programmes for local high school learners. We also plan to assist schools with fundraising for and securing much needed learning aids and sport equipment that will improve the learning experience and overall development of learners.

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