Our story

Taung Child Foundation (TCF) is a youth development volunteer organisation operating in and around the Greater Taung District Municipality, in the North-West Province of South Africa. Our name is inspired by and pays homage to the original Taung Child, a 2.8 million years old hominid fossil which was discovered in the village of Buxton in Taung in 1924. The fossil, a skull later determined by scientists to be that of a 3-year old was named the Taung Child  and it “drew major attention to this region as a place of origin of the human family tree…”

Despite being at the centre of human evolution, Taung remains one of the most impoverished and underdeveloped areas in South Africa.  Poverty is rampant and systemic issue in this rural area with devastating impacts on the lives of the people who call this region home, especially the youth. Almost half of the population is unemployed with  young people accounting for 62% of this number (Stats SA, 2011).

Low levels of & poor quality education, lack of employment & entrepreneurial opportunities and the widening digital divide are just some of the few issues that are a barrier to the development of Taung and her young people.

Our  goal as Taung Child Foundation is, together with other stakeholders, play a strategic and active role in improving the quality of the lives of the youth in this region. We aim to do this through offering tutoring and mentorship programmes that will improve the learning experience of high school learners in the area as well as creating safe and well-resourced spaces where the youth can learn, engage their creativity and develop ICT skills critical in today’s economy. We are about impactful and tangible results that will have a ripple effect on the lives of the youth in the area.

Our mission is to help every Taung Child realise their full potential.

The African philosophy of Ubuntu, or Botho in Setswana, the local language of Taung, is what inspires us and a vision for a just and equitable world is what drives us.

We have heart, big dreams, bold plans and a network of enthusiastic and brilliant young people who want to make this world a more equal one. Starting with the home of the Taung Child.

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